First ones made ny H. E. GOSCH
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No. 1  34mm x 52mm, registered 15/11-1880
No. 2   34mm x 54mm
No. 5, Householdmatches 145mm x 55mm
No. 3 and 4, Householsmatches unfortunately not in my collection, so only black/white copies are shown
No. 6  32mm x 52mm, registered 6/7-1888
No. 6a,  32mm x 52mm
No. 7, Packet label for no. 6a (and 6b ?).
No. 6b,  32mm x 52mm
There is just i little difference between no.6 and no 8.
The "drawings" on top, nad a "dot" between the two words on the left side
No. 3   88mm x 52mm, black/purple
No. 4   95mm x 54mm, black/purple
No. 9a,  32mm x 52mm
No. 9b,  32mm x 50mm
No. 10, Packetlabel for no. 9 unfortunately not in my collection,only a black/white copy can be shown.
Registered 25/6-1906
No. 11a, each is  26mm x 40mm
No. 11b, front alone.
No. 12, Packetlabel for no. 11.
No. 8,  32mm x 52mm
Registered 17/8-1894
No. 14, Packetlabel for no. 12.
No. 13a
No. 13b
Registered 12/4-1913
No. 15a, 32mm x 53mm
"faded" green and yellow!
No. 15b, 32mm x 52mm
"faded" green and yellow!
No. 15c, Note the numer "24" in buttom right corner
No. 16a,
32mm x 54mm
No. 17, 72mm x 91mm Packetlabel for no. 16a, 16b
exists also in "black/green".
No. 18, 32mm x 53mm
No. 19, 70mm x 85mm
Packetlabel for no. 18a, 18b
27/3-2002 Kim By°'s Matchlabel collection
Both 11 and 12 : Exists also with a "thinner text"
Registered 30/1-1918
No. 16b,
32mm x 54mm
No. 20, 31mm x 53mm
No. 21, 70mm x 85mm
No. 20 and 21 exists in purple,yellow and green.
There are numerous variations - looking at : placing af text in left side, his eyebrows, colours....